Helping to make products more sustainable through re-commerce.

Every decision we make is guided by our core values.
Do the right thing

Though not always easy, we hold ourselves to the highest ethical standard for the benefit of our team, partners, communities, and planet.

Keep moving forward

We are curious and not afraid to ask the hard questions. We may stumble along the way, but we always get back up and we don't make the same mistake twice.

Keep it light

We are passionate and hard-working, but we also remember not to take ourselves too seriously, celebrate our accomplishments, and enjoy life.

One team

Whether we’re winning or losing, we're doing it together. We embrace diversity, equality, and inclusion. We reject any notion of divisiveness.

Developing technology to advance sustainability efforts everywhere.

There has been no greater threat to our way of life than climate change. If I learned anything during my career in technology, it is that in the face of great challenge we are often at our best. We are innovative and resilient, we are not afraid to take risks and learn from our mistakes, we can work together for a common good. Though climate change is a problem of our own making, we will overcome it and we will emerge a more empathetic and humble cohabitant of our home planet.

Sagi Solomon, CEO & Founder