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Shoppers are turning to re-commerce as part of a broader movement to reduce their impact on the environment.
Re-commerce marketplaces are already being regularly used by shoppers of every generation - from Baby Boomers to Gen Z. 1
Re-commerce marketplaces are the most popular destination for shoppers looking to buy secondhand across every generation. 2
The majority of shoppers choose re-commerce because of a concern for the planet and a preference for sustainability. 3
Offering customers a branded re-commerce marketplace makes sense for your business and for the planet.
Grow Faster

Resale will grow 11x faster than the broader retail clothing sector through 2025. By 2030, resale will make up 16% of the global fashion market – a $475B opportunity!

Build Loyalty

62% of shoppers are ready to buy more from brands that partner with secondhand companies, and 56% of Gen Z shoppers prefer to sell or buy from the brands themselves.

Attract Customers

84% of shoppers are already buying your products secondhand somewhere else. Re-commerce is a fantastic way to introduce new shoppers to your brand.

Building and operating a re-commerce marketplace is hard. Letting us manage it for you is easy.
We’ll develop a custom marketplace that is uniquely yours.

We’ll work together with your team to design a marketplace that reflects your brand values. Original product details and photos can even be displayed alongside information provided by sellers. And because sellers ship directly to buyers, there is never any inventory to manage (another environmental benefit).

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We'll manage every aspect of your marketplace.

We’ll make sure your customers have an outstanding experience at every step of the process - from helping sellers with shipping to managing sales tax compliance. You can leave all the hard work in the hands of our customer-obsessed team.

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Unlock a wealth of information about your customers and products.

Incorporate new data about what happens to your products after your sell them into your product design processes. Understand how this can be used during product design and to reformulate products in order to increase physical and emotional durability.

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Now's the time to launch your re-commerce marketplace. We'll help.